Our Process


  • Examine all existing website and social network content
  • Deliver project plan outline costs, duration, and work breakdown


  • Create a "wall" of new online properites and social network accounts which will then be optimized to occupy the first 15+ positions on Google, thus spilling old comments into Pages 2 and 3.
  • All the existing positive content that is already indexed and ranked by Google will be optimized via the use of external links and augmenting the search pattern.


  • Monthly reporting back to client

Our Online Reputation Management Process

Representatives of Your Internet Defender, Inc. have gathered credibility by exhibiting in several well-known trade shows (Search Engine Strategies in Chicago, New York and London; Search Marketing Expo, Santa Clara; PubCon Las Vegas, Austin, TX; SXSW, Austin, TX, and numerous others); by attending Google-sponsored seminars, and - most importantly - by delivering lasting results for our clients.

Our modus operandi puts the client at the center of the process, as we:

Draw up an inventory of the state of the client's existing content and images (social media, search engine suggestions, blogs, dedicated websites, related search trends, etc.)

Define the ORM strategy for the client's online presence (based on the client's profile and background, based on the case, based on sources of negative content, analysis of equally popular search trends, etc.)

Monitor the client's information online (set up alarms, scan of activity, trends analysis)

Drown or suppress negative personal search suggestions and information available on the web (social media surveillance and abuse reports, new Google XHTML sitemap suggestion, creation of new search trends related to the customer, micro-sites creation, viral videos, etc.)

Defend the client's reputation from negative content (tracking / debunking negative info and websites flourishing on the client's case, active viral PR marketing).

It is both a defensive and aggressive process, as both ends of the client's reputation spectrum are being taken care of with equal focus and using the latest techniques and state of the art SEO methods, which all boil down to this:

* Drown and suppress the negative information, making it invisible and irrelevant

* Emphasize the past and current positive and neutral content, making it more relevant and pertinent to the search.