Our Difference

Your Internet Defender differs from other Online Reputation firms in:

  1. Efficiency & Results: Our in-house tools and process work fast with a virtual 100% efficiency record.
  2. Experience: Our team includes Web Specialists and Marketing Strategy veterans that have been in the SEO and ORM since the 1990s. Our specialists have successfully handled high profile companies and personalities, in both the U.S. and Europe. Such cases involved criminal charges, trade law accusations, among others.
  3. Technology: We have developed our own proprietary set of tools with one narrow goal in mind - implementation and achieving results.
  4. Connections: We have close relations with a prestigious U.S. Press group, and have a proprietary PR and News system reaching out to 265,000 bloggers and 210,000 subscribing journalists.
  5. Languages: Our team includes native French, English, and Eastern European speakers, with skills in Spanish and Portuguese. In that sense, several ends of the spectrum can be handled in-house simultaneously, enabling us to affect sources unavailable to many others.
  6. Reactivity: Our team works on several time zones ranging from Eastern Europe to U.S. West Coast. This enables a quick response to situations involving sudden drop of rankings / de-listing and emerging reputation issues that need to be handled instantly.
  7. Stealth and Discretion: We work remotely and are very discreet, with zero footprint policy enforcement. Only the managing team is aware of the company / client in question, there is a complete segregation of all the information and specific work.