Corporate Online Reputation Management

In today's world before doing any business with you, people first look you up on Google.  It is that simple.  And the moment they notice anything even remotely negative - they walk away and turn to do business elsewhere.  And that you cannot afford.

Most businesses today are forced to deal with numerous online reputation issues, some of which are:

  • Unfair news coverage
  • Negative press and blog posts
  • Exaggerated and impostor reviews
  • Competitor smear campaigns

Nowadays, just about anyone is able to post untrue information online.  However, people that are searching for your business name online do not particularly care whether or not any of this information is true or false - they simply avoid you altogether.  Therefore, making sure that no negative posts or reviews appear in your search results is perhaps the single most important marketing goal any business can pursue.  In fact, a recent study found that a single visible negative online review can cost a business nearly 10% in annual revenues!

It is important to realize that search engines such as Google don't know your business and do not particularly care about your online presence.  They simply rank all the pages in order of prevalance and popularity, nothing more.  So if all they can find out there are negative business reviews and disparaging blog posts - well, that is all they will present to anyone who searches for you online.

Your Internet Defender understands that process well and our job is to make sure that all your positive content is ranked and presented higher than any such negative reviews or posts.  So in essence we ensure that the positive pages that exist about your business are more visible and are positioned higher than all the negative (and likely untrue) content.

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